Here Is How The Strategy Session Works.

We will begin our work together with a 60 minute consultation that is designed to answer all of your questions and create a personalized action plan for you.

Whether it's figuring out what to write about, the budget, a timeline, film festival strategy or anything at all regarding creating or producing your own project, we will co-create a specific personalized  action plan  that is specific to you and your project's needs. 

Your plan will be broken down into simple steps that you can easily implement, leveraging my expertise as an award winning filmmaker.

60 Minute Consultation

All Set!

At this point you'll be ready to go. We'll brainstorm who you need to partner with in order to maintain momentum. 

Whether it's me or someone else, at the end of the session you'll know exactly what to do and how to get the support you need to move forward.

And don't worry, if you still crave more consulting from me, we'll set something up for you at a discount.


Hello Angela,

I am happy to report my short film Twice Upon A Time won an award

of recognition at Best Shorts Competition in California!



Actress, Producer

Self Producing 1 Hour Strategy Session is  $150

Receive Expert Guidance!

Personalized Action Plan!

Get rid of your producing fears, build momentum and finally just do it!

If you have any questions, feel free to email Angela at

Get the ball rolling: Produce Your First

Play, Web Series, Short Film or Feature Film With 

The Self Producing/Content Creation Strategy Session, Just $150

Get the ball rolling: Produce Your First

Play, Web Series, Short Film or Feature Film With 

The Self Producing/Content Creation Strategy Session, Just $150

With so many wonderful things to say about the Idea 2 Preproduction process, I don't know where to start - well actually that's one thing right there, it gave me a place to start. It also made me accountable, which works really well for me.It made the process much more attainable in that I didn't feel alone.  Since I'd never written a short film before, it was rather daunting but in the capable hands of Angela, I got the push and support that I needed.   "Angela, You give so much of yourself and have a heart of gold. I am happy to report my short film Twice Upon A Time won an award of recognition at Best Shorts Competition in California!"

- ILIANA GUIBERT, Writer, Star and Producer of TWICE UPON A TIME


The first two modules of Idea 2 Pre-production gave me SO much inspiration that I was able to get from Idea to Pre-Production in just 2 weeks!!

I entered my web series, HEARTSONG into a competition for a $10K grant to film the pilot episode...and we won!!

So since then I have been very busy in pre-production. I couldn't have gotten this far without you Angela! Thanks so much

-Laura Seabrook, Writer, Star and Producer of HEARTSONG

Laura Seabrook

Angela's guidance is priceless!  I decided to work with her because I had been saying for a long time that I wanted to write and produce my own projects but didn't know where to begin.
I had ideas for short films and webseries, but writing them into a script seemed overwhelming and intimidating.  Angela totally understood my fears!
The Idea 2 Pre Production program broke down the writing and producing process into easy to follow steps that took away my fear about writing.
The most amazing thing about the program is that by doing the daily writing exercises I was soon able to figure out on my own what needed to be done if something wasn't working in my script.
And if I was still feeling stuck or not sure what to do next,  Angela knew how to point me in the right direction and get me back on track.
By sticking to the process I was able to write my first short film script which I'm excited to produce!
-KC White  Actress, Writer Halfway To Broadway
Working with Angela gave me the courage to finally produce my own play. I was so worried about raising money and the entire idea seemed overwhelming, but once we started working together I received guidance on exactly what to do and when. With Angela's process, I have raised over $18,000...and look forward to launching my "official campaign". "Thank you, Angela! I never would have started on this path without your passion and support!"    
-Sharon Sharth, Actress, Writer Waiting For Grace AAEAAQAAAAAAAATlAAAAJGU0OWY4MGYyLTg2OGQtNDM5Ny1iMTUyLWU5MjE4NDFmNDlhOQ    

"Angela is such a delight and her passion is contagious. She is incredibly inspirational and a great motivator.

She helped me get my first short film, ONE LAST DRAG into a film festival in California!"

-Gus Scharr, Writer, Star and Producer of ONE LAST DRAG

"Before the Idea 2 Pre Production program, the thought of writing daunted me. People always encouraged me to create my own content, but the idea of writing a good story and script filled me with anxiety. Angela's process not only inspires, it magically unleashes a creative flow without judgment. Thanks to Angela, I now feel like I have a confident path to keep writing and create my own screenplays."  

-Kristina Mitchell,  -Actress, Director

One of my favorite roles that I've played over the years was Bretta in "The Encounter." Not just because it was the first time I won an award for Best Leading Actress in a film, but because Angela has a gift when it comes to creating stories with tremendous depth and layers.

She effortlessly weaves socially relevant issues within her projects and those types of characters are exactly what I crave to play.

I feel incredibly fortunate to have worked with Angela numerous times and I would do so over and over again because she is a true artist who actualizes her vision.

- Brianna Brown Award Winning Actress

Noteworthy credits: General Hospital, Homeland, Devious Maids


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