Feminism, Parenthood + Diverse Representation in Media w/Founder of Moms In Film, Mathilde Dratwa.

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Mathilde Dratwa has been a Sundance Channel Shorts Contest finalist, a co-leader of the FilmShop collective and a member of the Independent Film School’s writer-director lab. Her latest short film PETA PAN stars Independent Spirit Award nominee Nisreen Faour.

She co-created ALMOST ANONYMOUS, a web series about a support group for celebrity lookalikes (Best Original Concept, NYC Web Fest 2016).

Mathilde also produces animation videos and has received two Pulitzer Center grants.

She has had her work featured in a number of publications, including French newspaper¬†Le Monde. When the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists received thousands of leaked documents about Luxembourg’s complicated deals with corporations, her tax haven explainer was translated into seven languages and featured on the websites of ICIJ’s media partners around the world.

Mathilde is also a Teaching Artist for the New Victory Theatre and Roundabout Theatre Company as well as an Instructor of Film for the School of the New York Times. She lives in NYC with her husband and son.

To learn more about Moms in Film, Please visit: MomsInFilm.org

on Instagram: @momsinfilm

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