Seed&Spark, more than just a crowdfunding platform with the Queen of Crowdfunding, Founder and CEO Emily Best.

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Emily Best has been on my radar for quite some time as I’ve been inspired by seeing her company Seed&Spark grow over the years.

Not only is she a remarkable entrepreneur, a film producer but she is the Queen of Fundraising as the CEO and Founder of Seed&Spark.


I remember the first time I heard of Seed&Spark and appreciated that it was a very interesting take on the crowdfunding scene ,and I liked how it differed from other crowd sourcing platforms.

Today Seed&Spark boasts of having the highgest number of filmmakers worldwide actually reach their goals, and is now a lot more than just a fundraising platform.

What Emily and her team have created is outstanding. In this episode Emily shares:

  • Why and how Seed & Spark came about

  • Her new venture with the Duplass’ Brothers, Hometown Hereos

  • How Indie filmmakers can build independent sustainable careers by using Seed&Spark

  • The importance of building an audience for your film and engaging with that audience before  you launch

  • Growing your audience outside of the people who are already funding you

  •  Growing your audience after your crowdfunding campaign is complete and so much more.

    Tune in, she is super smart and fabulous!



To learn about Hometown Hereos, CLICK HERE CLICK HERE


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