Assembling your creative team, film financing+distribution with up and coming producer and manager at Arclight Films, Jesica Andres.

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For Jesica, film financing, international sales and producing all serve a passion she’s held on to since childhood: the art of telling a captivating story.

A native of the Philippines, Jesica’s obsession with storytelling began at the age of two when she would orate tall tales from atop a bench at the local market.

She spent her childhood between the Philippines and California. After graduating from university, she went on to film school, where she developed her passion for producing.

Her love of producing took her to her first job at Academy Award Winning production company GK Films (The Departed, Hugo) followed by Lionsgate (The Hunger Games), where she worked with their international sales teams at both companies.

The opportunity to move into production presented itself at Arclight Films (upcoming Jungle, Reclaim, Crash), where she is currently Manager of Creative and Operations. At Arclight, she’s learned first-hand, from development to release, how various market forces, creative elements, and producing partners cooperate, and oftentimes compete, throughout the lifecycle of a film and more importantly, how to overcome challenges as they arise.

She puts that knowledge to practice. Jesica also produces projects that best represent her tastes; she’s always on the lookout for fearless talent and riveting content.


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