Hilliard Guess on how a “deserve-ability” mindset can set you up for a successful screenwriting career in Hollywood and so much more!

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This man is the incredible Host of Hilliard Guess’ Screenwriter’s Rant Room Podcast, he serves as the Vice-Chair on both the Black and LGBT Committee and is a member of the Education, Latino and Genre Committeeas the WGA. He is also an award winning working screenwriter in Hollywood.

This screenwriter is a fun, ex-80s MOD/Punk with a knack for writing underdog/redemption stories in the bio, horror, gritty, or murder-death-kill world. His knowledge of the craft and instinct for unique, flawed characters have won him attention or awards at Sundance, Nicholls Fellowship, Scriptapalooza, Screenplay Festival, The PAGE Awards and AOF, to list a few.

He currently works as an in demand “assignment writer” in both TV & Film and is in the new book on iTunes, “THE TOP 100 INDIE WRITERS IN THE WORLD.”

Through his company Hilldog Productions, he produces TV Pilots, Film POC’s, Shorts, Web Series and Documentaries. His office is located on The LOT Studios in the heart of West Hollywood.

Ladies and Gentlemen, the uber talented Hilliard Guess!

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